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  • Color Personality Quiz| You Are What You Wear

    Color Personality Quiz| You Are What You Wear

    Take Our Color Personality Quiz to Find Out What Your Clothing Says About You We are what we eat, but what about what we wear? If we are drawn to specific colors because they make us feel a certain way, then technically, are we what we wear? Our clothing silently communicates a message to those…

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  • Bags of Summer

    Bright fun colors and major discounts, these bags are the top pics for this summer. Smaller in stature, but bold in their look. From crochet, to fringe, metallics, and drawstring, we have looked out for the best! Enjoy! XO

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  • Neon Spring Fling

    Dress for spring in these neon Trending outfits in 2022. Hottest colors of spring and summer that will definitely make you stand out in a crowd

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  • Metal Mania

    We have stepped up our dress game in an attempt to reclaim our ability to dress up and show off our sense of style after dawning athleisure wear for over a year. So it’s no surprise that elegant, luminous metallic accessories are finding their way to our favorite shops in both classic familiar lines and…

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