Welcome to A Viddy Life Fashion Blog! Here, you’ll find all the latest trends. This is your official shopping blog.

A Viddy Life: Your Shopping Blog

Welcome to A Viddy Life Fashion Blog! Here, you’ll find all my posts. I cover the most significant trends and am a resource for all things shopping. I don’t mind if you call me your shopping blog. Oh, pretty, please!? That’s only my dream. How many other blogs about shopping ask you that? I have made an effort to include a ton of products and resources for you to discover these trends. We have trends of the year posts, filled with tons of shopping info. Whether you’re looking for fashion tips or want to explore a variety of retailers, this is the shopping blog for you. Come here to stay in the loop with everything related to fashion. We are about to gain momentum and offer weekly posts, monthly giveaways, a functioning website (Im serious), and much more! I want to grow a community of body-proud, kind, creative, strong humans that love fashion. So let’s talk.. ask anything, and we can navigate the facets of fashion together.

A Viddy Life’s Mission

My mission is to provide an informative and enjoyable platform where we can discuss all aspects of style, fashion advice, and current trends. With our vast collection of posts featuring fashion recommendations, helpful guides on how to put together various looks, and reviews of designer pieces worth investing in – we have something for everyone who loves shopping.

I strive to offer quality content that is both entertaining and informative. I love the finer things, but I mostly create my wardrobe without spending a lot, and I want to give the advice I use, so I keep things very practical around here – but if you’re boujee, I won’t judge!

Take a look around our blog and get inspired! Listen to our podcast episodes, and get to know me. Don’t forget: I love feedback, so feel free to share your thoughts or comment on any posts – I love to hear from you!

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