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I create posts in this fashion blog which are consistently filled with wearable styles, therefore are relative to my life. I love practical fashion and I’m infatuated with impractical fashion, I just don’t get to wear it that often. I have a theory that fashion can change the world, so stick around, and I’ll tell you all about it. You may not even know you possess this power, but you do. First off, my posts are basic. I am not a professional writer, but I stick with fashion blog posts that cover exactly what you need to know in terms of mastering your own personal style. I love to help people look their best, dress for your personality, your body, your unique self. I cover the biggest trends in fashion, highlight the biggest retailers, and the best brands. This is my journey and my opportunity to have a medium to express what I love, which is all things fashion. Every post stemms from me having a personal experience with a product or seeking out a certain trend. These posts are all very relevant to my my own life. I decided to share the information I found in hopes that it may help someone else out. I sought out each item in this blog. My content is personally written for you to enjoy and I choose items I already own, or I want to own, and I specifically choose them for you from me. So XO Happy Shopping! Lastly, don’t miss a thing! Subscribe to my blog and get in early on so many exciting things! You’ll receive new post updates, you’ll receive exclusive pre sale invitations to sales from well known retailers, you’ll automatically be entered in our monthly giveaway which is always a great prize, and there will be so much more to come as I get this blog going. A lot of exciting things so subscribe and help me build a community of like minded fashion lovers! Please, Take a look over the blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.. Madison Viddy

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