Barefoot Cruise or Secluded Beach Vacation Packing Guide – Who, What, When, and Wear

Who What When and Wear BAREFOOT Cruise Packing List

If you are going on a beach vacation in a remote location or on a barefoot cruise, this is your lucky day. Learn from my experience and pack with confidence by using this list.

This is my ultimate packing list for a nine day barefoot cruise through the British Virgin Islands. This list will also be handy if you plan on going on a beach vacation in a more secluded area, without the amenities of a big box drug store on every corner.

I’ve packed for a lot of different travel scenarios, but my recent trip through The British Virgin Islands, on a chartered boat, had me a little stumped. I knew what our itinerary read, but I didn’t have any personal experience staying on a sailing boat, with limited space, cruising island to island. Being fully aware our space would be limited, this was not a trip to pack excessively. Plus, I assumed we would be lugging our luggage longer distances than usual. Spoiler alert, I was correct in both of my assumptions. Traveling to paradise isn’t as tough as it seems, but it’s not door to door with your luggage either. It took planes, trains, and automobiles to arrive to our final destination. Or rather, planes, vans, and ferries. So keep that in mind when you are packing. Make it easy on yourself because you will be transporting your items through several check points, like customs, and ferries, or in some cases, prop planes. Soft sided luggage is ideal and usually requested.

Keep in mind this was my personal experience and experiences will differ, but this should give you an idea about what to expect. If you have anything to add, please comment. Dialog is always encouraged! So list up and get ready to get ready for your fabulous BVI vacation!

We chartered a 44’ catamaran for 9 days setting sail from Tortola to Anagada, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, Marina Cay, and others. It was heavenly. Breathtaking beaches, exquisite cuisine, with every island offering a unique feel. Although there was variety island to island, we followed a routine starting on day one, until we left. Wake up, eat breakfast, sail to the next destination, load up our dinghy to explore the beach and the town, or snorkel, have some late afternoon cocktails, return to our boat to shower, then load the dinghy one last time on order to return to the island for a dinner reservation, followed by whatever night time activity that particular island was known for.

What you need to know before I give you my list-

-It is hot during the day. The sun is scorching hot and most of the time you won’t have access to a lot of shade. When the sun goes down, the night cools to very manageable temperatures. Most places, even 5 star establishments, do not have air conditioning. The sand, salt, and wind are exactly what you can imagine and they do a number on your hair and skin. When you add humidity to the list, you can bet your odds for a good hair day are slim to none. I don’t think I had one remotely good hair day the entire trip, but that didn’t stop me from feeling like I had died and gone to heaven. That’s the thing, everyone is in the same boat (no pun intended) so the vibe is very relaxed and low maintenance is the way to go.

-As Far as clothing goes, you will be in your bathing suit and coverup most of the time with the exception of night. Every restaurant had a dress code and it’s exactly what common sense tells you it is. You will want to dress nice, but keep it casual and be beachy.

I’ve added some things to my perfect packing list that I highly recommend. Happy packing and feel free to ask any questions!

Amazon Beach Vacation Recommendations

Sunglasses Spray & Cleaning Cloth

Pillow for the boat (I’m a pillow freak, I may need therapy, but until then, I was so glad I left space for my favorite pillow)

Deep Conditioning Shampoo and Conditioner

Spray Conditioner (we started dowsing our hair with spray conditioner before we went into the ocean. It worked miracles. Pro Tip- If you are getting in chlorine or salt water, douse your hair with regular water before you expose your hair to the pool or ocean. Your hair will absorb less if your hair has already absorbed something else. In this case, the regular water first.

Hair Mask

Moisturizing Body Wash

Travel Containers for Your Toiletries-

I got this awesome one on Amazon

<a href="http://Travel Toiletrieshttps://amzn.to/3vRgKzl<a href="http:// “>Toiletries Travel Containers Amazon

Body Lotion- Juicy Kind! Nivea Lotion vitamin E Shiny glossy nutrient enriching lotion My FAVORITE Is Nivea

<a href="http://Nivea “>Nivea Essentially Enriched Lotion

Sunscreen Lotion and Spray -Spray sunscreen and boats do not mix well, bring both kinds!

Rubber Bands, Scruncies, and Hair Ties

Hats, Hats, and Hats

Another Hat- Hat with Chin Strap (I swear you WILL thank me)

<a href="http://Billabong Straw Hat
Straw Hat

SPF Long Sleeve Top or Swim Top

Roxy Long Sleeve Swimsuit

One beach towel

Bug spray


Beach Bag Waterproof Backpack that Packs Easily

<a href="http://Waterproof Backpack“>Waterproof Backpack
Waterproof Bag

Dirty Clothes Bag

Zip Lock Bags -Gallon and Sandwich Size Organic materials are the only thing that can be flushed, so they are used for a lot of things

Clothes Clips -You will be hanging a lot of items dry

Portable Chargers

Aloe Vera


Swim Suits -You will mostly be in swimsuits daytime and evening

Sandals- A pair of water sandals like Tevas, All terrain sandals -easy take on and off for the dinghy. Most resort or bars on the island are swim up and you can only take your dinghy in so far and one pair flats dressier sandals

<a href="http://Teva Sandals“>Teva Sandals IIn Gold from Amazon

Dinner Attire for each night

Think beachwear, sundresses, skirts, cut out dresses, palazzo pants, matching sets, one pair of jean shorts

<a href="http://Cut Out Dress“>Cut Out Dress
<a href="http://Cut Out Dress“>Cut Out Dress Amazon

Chapstick Lipgloss

Nipple covers

Dress tape

Waterproof Camera

<a href="http://Waterproof Camera“>Go Pro Alternative $60 at Amazon
<a href="http://Waterproof Go Pro “>Go Pro Waterproof Underwater Camera

Sunglasses with Chain

<a href="http://Sunglasses with Chain“>Sunglasses with Chain

Sweatshirt or Sweater

No tight pants or jeans necessary!

Bra Strapless


Slimming Underwear

Pair Travel Scissors


Neosporin Neo to Go Spray is my favorite



Face Exfoliant

Body Wash/Scrub

Face Oil

Face Regiment

Nail Glue

Nail polish

Shine Nail Polish Quick Dry

Cuticle Oil

Pens For Customs Forms


Portable Hobby – Book -Ereader

Head scarf

Self tanner (if you’re a sunscreen buff like me. I know who brings tanner on a beach vacation? This girl, have to protect my skin. We only have one body!)

I wish you all the luck in the world and enjoy your fabulous vacation wherever it may be. Enjoy every moment!

Travel Perfume

Live your life, it’s yours to live!

A Viddy Life XO

Please share any other travel tips or packing tips you may have. Or if this helped you out, let me know!!!

Thanks for reading

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