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A VIDDY LIFE| FASHION PODCAST S1E5 Ten Classic Style Investment Pieces That Will Help You Build A Flawless, Classic Wardrobe PART 1


On this episode of the fashion podcast I discuss how to scale down your wardrobe and love, appreciate, and value, every piece you own. Imagine each piece contributing to your wardrobe and each piece makes you feel good. Today, we learn how to accomplish a Classic wardrobe or capsule wardrobe. I share ten investment pieces with you guys that are classic style, that you will never regret buying, that will remain in style, and will help you build a classic wardrobe. These are classic style investment pieces that you never will regret buying and will repay you for years to come. With a little guidance, patience, and planning, you can build an astonishing wardrobe, that you look forward to wearing, in no time. Plus, I throw my listeners a little egg horn knowledge and disclose why I can’t take any steak “to go”. Listen to A Viddy Life | A Fashion Podcast An Audible Fashion Blog and find out the biggest fashion trends, tips, and outfit inspiration. Visit aviddylife.com for the full blog post, How To Build A Classic Wardrobe With Classic Investment Pieces (or just click!) for relevant product recommendations, where to find all these products I list, and lots of outfit inspo. Thanks for listening!

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