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Ten Hot New Fashion Trends You’ll Be Seeing This Spring


New styles are headed our way for the spring 2022. So many its hard to count, but we picked our favorite, wearable, but daring trends to look forward to.

2022 Summer Trends

If you take awhile to warm up to new styles, have no fear. You will get accustom to these 10 new trends for Spring/Summer 2022 fairly quickly because they are rising in popularity and will fill our stores and clothe the people in the warm months to come. So regardless if you decide to try one of these new looks for yourself or if you simply want to be a spectator, you won’t miss a thing.


No one couldn’t escape Mui Mui’s Micro Minis during fashion week, and they made quite an impact. Thanks to their teeny tiny take on the skirt, get ready to rock the smaller than your average mini skirt, the micro mini. If you can get past the name, or the incident involving Paris Hilton and that car back in the 00’s, there are many wearable trends that wThis surprisingly sophisticated Anthropology Micro Mini, with a slit, is a great starter. You can also play it safe with this classic vegan Artizia Pleated Micro Mini Skirt.

Anthropology Micro Mini
Artizia Vegan Micro Mini
Lulu’s Pink Micro Mini
Nasty Gal’s Zip Front Micro Mini Skirt
Nasty Gal’s Fringe Micro Mini Skirt

Our number two pick tells us there is an up-and-coming trend, koo amongst the trends, which is “Less must be more” this season. Everyone seems to be doing their part to lessen the number of materials needed to produce garments. So without further ado, may we introduce the newest style to make a valiant effort in reducing waste, the cut-out trend. Regardless of the piece, cutouts are making a splash this season, and we promise you will get wet. These sexy silhouetted garments can be surprisingly elegant when worn with the correct pieces, and of course, your cut-outs are in the right place. Our rule of thumb for wearing these purposeful peekaboos is picking a body part to show off and keep the rest covered. Regardless of your upper chest, shoulders, lower back, or hips, pick your favorite part and share it while you can. For a final thought, the bikini would like to share a quote that always encourages her wearers, and that is, “you’ll never look better than right now,” and we couldn’t agree more. Seize the day, YOLO. Let them wear skimpy things… Just do it with confidence.

Maniere De Voir Cut Out Suspender Dress
Revolve Erla Cutout Dress
GOUJEE Boutique Cut Out Boho Dress
GOUJEE Boutique Cut Out BoHo Dress
Sam’s Fifth Avenue Cut Out Maxi Dress
ASOS Cut Out Sweater Dress

Numero three-o is a simple one. Boots, white boots. We’ve always played dress up in white boots, our Barbies had white boots, women looked smoking hot in the eras before us wearing them, so now it’s our turn. These boots are not a subliminal flashing sign to the nearest honky tonk, or dare I say, trashy? No, I would never even imply such a thing because they are, in fact, the opposite of unsophisticated. They are rich, classic, and very tasteful. A cream or white boot seems to bring attention to themselves and has a tendancy to enhance what are worn with them. They have a fashion forward look , and if anything, it’s nice to see something really fresh in footwear.

Schultz White Knee High Boots Nordstrom
Sam Edelman Circus Cream Boots Nordstrom
DSW London Rag Klayton Boot
Dillard’s Matisse White Boot

Dressing down never looked so cool. This look is really interesting because it’s nothing new, men and teens have wearing this mix of relaxed and preppy for years, so much so that this look is the face of modern street wear. It’s a part of urban culture. It’s popularity has risen and has spread to mainstream fashion and supermodels alike. So for a polished casual look, that makes us look much hipper than we probably are, put on your hoodie and a tailored blazer. What type of hoodie you ask? Hell, we have no idea, you’re on your own there. Pair it with the right blazer and it won’t matter a bit.

Courtesy of TheVou.com
J Crew Blazer
Veronica Beard Blazer

Bold lips aren’t giving up their spot in trending looks. Lipstick, like most of these trends, is evolving to stay relevant. This new formula of lip-wear is fresh, revived, and as edgy as ever. Lipsticks are rich with pigmented color and have an added high lustrous gloss shine. In short, the new lipstick is giving lip gloss a run for their money. The time-consuming process of layering your favorite neutral liner, followed by a perfect shade of nude lipstick, finalized with a glossy topcoat, may be put to rest. These new lipsticks take care of it all, offering incredible shine and bold, bright color. We’ll have to see if the old days of mixing are precisely that, old and outdated.

Lip Locket By Jillian Dempsey

Bomber jackets, oversized mostly, are trending jackets. Outerwear styles are an easy and fun way to update your look. Bomber jackets are forever in style and a great investment piece. Versatile and adorable, count us in.

Bomber Jacket Banana Republic
Real Real Gucci Bomber Jacket

Speaking of jackets, full-length jackets snd trenches are in our near future. Their length gives an instant air of credibility and class. Not only do you look fabulous, but you feel it too. I may be alone in this thinking, but I feel more accomplished and essential the longer my jacket is. Let it remain a mystery, and let’s put a full-length coat on and kick some ass. Or at least feel like you can. That’s half the battle.

Bold Suiting is one of my favorite items of the season. Bright, bold colors, dominant structured silhouettes, paired with a feminine third piece, for instance, a vest or corset top, pairs for a power investment piece you can wear time and again, occasion after occasion. The possibilities of mixing and matching are endless. From day to night, casual to formal, these are timeless additions to your wardrobe you can wear for years to come.


Wolf and Badger Pleated Bottom
Alice and Olivia Suit at Neiman Marcus
Red Linen Suit Banana Republic
Pretty Liitle Thing Two Piece Suit

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There are so many fun trends ahead of us, enjoy the change and pick a look that enhances your own personal style. There is one important goal in all of this and that is to feel as beautiful as you are. If you don’t know my philosophy about fashion saving the world, it revolves around feeling confident. It is simple. You look good, feel good, gain confidence, believe in yourself, and when you believe you, the world believes you, and most importantly, listens. Whatever you choose to wear, where it in confidence and take over the world. It’s yours to have.

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