Unique Lighting to Brighten Up Any Space

White Natural Wood Lamp

If you aren’t in the market for new lighting, you may catch a glimpse of a few cute lamps now and then, but if you’re on the hunt, watch out. There are so many styles to reel you in despite the heavy price tag, so we have scoured the net and found unique lamps in every style. You won’t be seeing these everywhere.

Fringe lamp

This sweet lamp is very charming with its delicate fringe and slim lines. Perfect for a soft space in any house.

Fringe Table Lamp

These table lamps make me want to order a cocktail. They’ll turn any area into a swanky spot with a modern twist.

Circle floor lamp

This lamp is a more traditional floor lamp that I can imagine will fit in a million scenarios. It’s classy, updated, and an excellent traditional pick.

Gold Floor Lamp

This next floor lamp is my favorite. The unique shape of the stand makes it eye-catching and bold but not flashy. I love this lamp and may choose this as my take home.

Horse Lamp

This one is just plain interesting. On the thumbnail, it appeared to be a table lamp, but boy was I wrong! This giant horse will not only serve as a light fixture and a piece of art but will serve your guests plenty of opportunity for jokes. This lamp is a goodie!

Greek Key Gold Lamp

Greek Key is my deal. Very classasy and very reech, dahling. Greek key always is a 10 in my book!

Square Link Lamp

This lamp was just different that the rest. It’s squares are reminiscent of links and has a powerful masculine vibe, which would be diverse in any room. It looks rich, expensive and very id tasteful.

These are great feather lamps. They have rich, luscious feathers from their gold or silver branches. They are glam all the way. These lamps look divine, but you’ll also feel like a princess in her lair with one of these lamps. They come in 15 colors, so the versatility is obvious there!

Beaded Boho Floor Lamp

Calling all my Bohemian Queens! Your lamp has arrived. This lamp is gorgeous with wooden beading draped to perfection for that boho chic look. This lamp definitely has feminine written all over it!

Leopard Gold Lamps

These two tiny jaguars are dipped in gold to take center stage and say, ”clearly think we deserve gold plated lamps”! Whoever owns them, well, they do, we all do, they believe it! They are gorgeous and so glam!

Natural Stone Geometrical Rock Lamp

These last two are absolutely gorgeous stones and rocks, working not only to restore light in your room, but will balance your chi.



good chi.


Turquoise Lamp



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