They Call Them “Ugly” and I Couldn’t Agree More- “What Are We Wearing”?

The clog. Let’s not beat around the bush. Clogs are not the most feminine shoe, but they must do something right because I’ve found myself wearing them lately, more times than not. These little wooden shoes have been around for ages and are making quite a comeback this season despite their clunky appearance.

Gucci Closed-Toe Clog

No one is making excuses for their awkward appearance either; in fact, we embrace the funky and proclaim our love for them despite their oddity. Vouge doesn’t hold back by stating, “They come in different shapes and sizes. A Birkenstock in sawdust hues, a Dansko that looks like a legume, and a Balenciaga version of a Vibram FiveFingers comes with a heel. It doesn’t stop there either: There are Crocs, crunchy shoes for the eco-lovers, and of course, Ugg (a name that says it all!)”. OH MY, OUCH! So what type of shoe can get a review that that, in the fashion bible, nonetheless, and still be a relevant trend?

Gucci Cream Clog

These so-called “ugly” shoes have withheld the test of time. I’ve always had a pair in my closet, but it wasn’t until this season did I notice I had purchased a pair of wedge Birkenstock clogs, A classic Gucci closed-toe clog, and an open-toe platform clog for the upcoming summer months. One type of shoe had this many styles? Then you have your colors and heights. Let’s not forget your literal garden variety type clog, Crocks. The bright, chunkier than ever, plastic beutes. Are you kidding me?! There is a clog for every occasion.

Banana Crock

I love my clogs because they help me channel my hippy vibe, which I never stray too far from. From tee to a dressy blouse, they match my favorite high-waisted denim. They give me a height that sets me to an altitude about 4” above my normal range, and they do so comfortably. I could walk a million miles in my clogs and jog home. The casual ones go good with yoga wear, the platforms with dressy skirts or denim, and the gardening, well, gardening, and maybe the pool. With all of those possibilities looming on the horizon, considering that they are the only shoe I need, I pick the clog to covet. I can genuinely say I can not, and will not, live without them.

Birkenstock Platform Clog
Colorful Sandal Clogs
Crocks Clogs In Rose

My last clog purchase was these feather light pair for traveling. They are plastic, hollow, and weight less than a pound. One shoe for every occasion that weighs less than a pound? Where do we sign up?! Right here!!

Feather Light Clog
FeatherLight Clogs Camel and Black

Go get you some sweet, ugly, comfortable, and diverse clogs! Send us your favorite looks!

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