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My Favorite Things- Home Accessories That Bring Your Personality Into Your Space

Home decor makes a space aesthetically pleasing, but it has another job as well. It brings your personality into a room making it your own. These objects are collected over time, can represent a certain phase of your life, or can be a gift from someone special. Regardless of how you accumulate your special items, they bring meaning to your space and make it inviting.

My favorite Shelves

I have a favorite set of shelves in my bathroom that I love. They are filled with items that mean a lot to me and after a lot of arranging, trial and error, and a lot of pinning, I love the way they turned out. They are balanced and visually pleasing to me with enough personalization to make it the perfect combination for shelves in a very personal space, my bathroom.

My Favorite Book “The Lonley Doll” by Dare Wright

I’ve had this book since it was gifted to me in 1984 by my childhood babysitter. I was 5, you can do the math. I found it in a box of things when I was about 20 years old and it’s been with me ever since. I wasn’t aware my mom had hung on to it, but before I discovered it in storage, this book stuck out in my head. It was fuzzy, but certain parts stood out and to my surprise, I remembered them almost perfectly.

If you’re familiar with this book, I recalled the part where Mr. Bear catches them playing dress-up and Little Bear calls Mr. Bear a grumpy old bear then Mr. Bear proceeds to spank the two children. Go figure, maybe that’s telling of some deep psychological wound, or maybe most people remember that part because it was creepy. Anyway, it was special enough for me to store the images and text in my mind for twenty-some-odd years so I’m thrilled to have the original copy, signed with a note (I make all friends and family write little notes when they gift my daughter a special book. Keeping the tradition alive. Thanks, Francis) sitting on my favorite set of shelves.

Mr. Bear about to spank Edith
Little Bear Getting Caught Being Naughty
Scribbles Made By Me
The Note Written in The Book From My Babysitter, Francis, in 1984

The next items are a crystal that my grandmother gave me, which was my grandfather’s. I got this quartz from my Nana about 10 years ago. It is discolored, not quite clean, but I love it because I know it was from my grandpa’s shelf. He hung on to this giant quartz for over 30 years.

The last two things are newer, but still special. An LV book my hubby and I borrowed, and were billed heavily for, from our home away from home in Las Vegas. There is one on the coffee table in every room and after our fifth or sixth-weekend getaway, we decided on a little reminder of the fun times we had in Vegas. What happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay there.

The LV Coffee Table My Husband and I Borrowed From Our Favorite Vegas Hotel

Lastly, this pair of Foo Dogs, guard my precious things. These are the newest edition to my collection. My mom ordered them for her new house and they didn’t work for her so she gifted them to me. They stand for her new chapter in her life. After my father passed away, she moved to a new city, a new house, new decor, and a fresh start, so these little guys remind me of what a strong, brave, and adventurous woman my mom is.

If you like my shelves, I put together a list of Amazon finds that are similar to these things. You can find all my Amazon recommendations on my Amazon Storefront.


Louis Vuitton Coffee Table Book
Gorgeous Decorative Box
The Lonley Doll by Dare Wright

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Happy Shopping!!! XOXO Madison Viddy

Tell us what things you cherish in your home and where you have them!!

My Favorite Things Amazon List

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