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Take Our Color Personality Quiz to Find Out What Your Clothing Says About You

We are what we eat, but what about what we wear? If we are drawn to specific colors because they make us feel a certain way, then technically, are we what we wear? Our clothing silently communicates a message to those we come in contact with. If it’s intentional or not, what we wear says a lot about our personalities. I took a deep dive into the psychology of color for this post. Take this unique color personality quiz and find out what traits are associated with your favorite color choice! Lastly, explore how to use color to express yourself and make powerful statements with your wardrobe.

Color Personality quiz
Color Personality quiz

The Power of Color and Fashion

color personality quiz
color personality quiz

Color has incredible power in fashion. Over the years, much research has gone into the psychology of color. It can attract attention, create moods, and sends a personal message. For example, when someone sees a woman wearing a bright yellow dress, they might think she’s daring and confident. When someone sees a man wearing a crisp white shirt, they might think he’s professional and organized. Colors have been used to make you feel certain ways for centuries. Check out this post about using color in your home.Like it or not, the color you choose to wear or use in your favorite home decor significantly impacts how people view you. Do you wear bright colors? Do you prefer wearing white? By taking our Color Personality Quiz, you can find out which colors are best suited for your personality type and learn how to use them in your home and wardrobe for maximum impact.

Our choice of clothing helps us express who we are. Fashion gives us the opportunity to project our unique personalities into the world around us. I made this quiz because it was entertaining and I wanted to see if the results matched my personality. All fun aside, color has a huge impact on us psycologicvally and has been used to alter moods dating back to ancient Egypt. Taking this color personality test can help you explore style options with a purpose. Next time you want to make a statement, you’ll know your fashion choice will reflect your intention. Make a powerful statement without saying a word! So go ahead, take the color personality test today and see what message your clothing sends to the world!


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