Winter Whites Who Should Wear Them and How

Winter Whites, who should wear them and how is the question we all should be asking. The answer is simple, you should wear them, and I’ll tell you how. Most of the trending looks of 2021 have been defiant of the loungewear we all became too accustomed to wearing in 2020, and winter whites are no exception. Although considered a neutral, nothing screams elegance and class like an all-white outfit, regardless of the season. So get ready to ditch the old fashion faux pax, “no white after Labor Day,” and take my challenge to wear white this winter. Here are some foolproof tips to make this challenge easy as picking out a date night LBD.

If 40 Is The New 30 Then White May Be The New Black

Think of white as black. You can wear black with anything, and whites are just as neutral as black is. White is even more versatile because you can pick a shade that enhances your skin tone. There are cool shades, warm shades, and, yes, tones that will enhance your winter color and won’t make you feel washed out whatsoever. The beautiful thing about this is, the various shades of white and cream go together with ease. Mixing shades of cream, off-white, and tan are encouraged and will add dimension your look. Plus, anything goes, as far as a pop of color is concerned or even playing with patterns.

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It’s All About Textures, People. Textures, Textures, Textures

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White summer pieces usually have a fresh, clean, and airy feel. The fabrics are flowy, light, and have lift. Now, shift your thinking to winter whites. Think of the coziness of animal’s fur, or think about the crispness of snow and ice. Whites in the winter represent warmth and comfort or are clean, cool, and crisp. Usually, whites in the winter are heavy knits, cable knits, or crocheted. They tend to be all-natural materials like leather, wool, fur, or even fleece. Mixing these textures and staying within the same hue of cream is almost always a head-turner, making the combination of textures visually appealing and give the outfit depth and dimension.

Splash of Color

Why are winter whites stunning? I was hoping you wouldn’t ask me, but they will elevate your game to Elegant! Nothing says elegance than all white, but if you want to spice it up, throw in a splash of color and accessorize with a bright bag, gloves, or even a wild patterned shoe. You can handle that, you bet you can!

Big Statement Accessories

If you are hesitant to wear all-white out of the gate, start with a knock-out gorgeous winter white accessory instead of an all-white ensemble. White boots with a sweater dress, a crisp white tailored handbag, or white gloves are statement-making pieces. 

Cream White Baguette Fendi
Baguette By Fendi
Hermès Gloves


whbite finge jacket
White Fringe Jacket By 12th Tribe

White Fringe Jacket

As for a no fail, favorite look, that always scores an A+, combine any flashy sequin piece mixed a with a creamy soft knit. The combination of a warm, fluffy, almost matte fabric on top of a clean, metallic, and shiny background is visually appealing. This combination works so well together, it’s almost edible.

Winter whites

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